Android 14 Coming Soon, Check Out The New Features

For half a year, Google started testing Android 14 in February, after which the company is continuously working on it. Since the preparation has begun for Android 14, the company has released its four beta build versions yet, in which the company fixed all the bugs and issues gradually. And now, the company finally released its fifth beta build of Android 14. It is the final pre-release build, and also it includes finalised SDK and NDK APIs

Now it seems that the stable version of Android 14 is just about to come; either it will come by the last week of August or at the beginning of September, which will bring a lot of new and convenient features. Android 14 Beta 5 build is now available for download on eligible Pixel devices.

What’s New In The Final Pre-Release Build: 

The company rolled out its beta 5 version, which brings a lot of fixes and new features for enhancing the user’s flawless and seamless experience. It also increases optimization and customization, which were absent in the Beta 4.1 build. Let’s discuss what’s new has to arrive with this final pre-build; 

Camera & Screen Flashing: The new fantastic change has arrived with Android 14 in which Camera and Screen flash for notifications. Now whenever the users get any information on their device, they will get an alert with a camera flashing. 

Elastic Font Scaling: Android 14 provides the facility by which users can easily lengthen their font scale up to 200 per cent for the users’ convenience, especially for those suffering from vision impairments, while preventing layout distortions. 

Enhanced Battery Breathe: Android 14 improves battery breathing. Now the device will reduce power consumption while managing background tasks such as downloads, uploads, and many more. Plus, the facility of the “Screen time since last full charge” aids battery management. 

App Adaptation: Now, the developers will get extra tools and design guidance to build apps that seamlessly adapt to numerous screen sizes. 

Selected Picture & Video Access: Privacy and security have improved because Android 14 provides eligibility to the users by enabling them to specify which pictures and videos an app can access. 

Improved Security: Now, users will get better security options; Android 14 cuts down on installing older apps from Android 5.1 and earlier. Also, the Biometric login through passkeys is now supported for third-party apps. 

Health: Now, Google’s Health Connect application collects health and fitness data for sharing across different applications and services, despite it being in beta. 

Better Share Options: Android 14 offers better sharing options than previous versions. Now the share menu gets enhanced by providing the eligibility apps to add custom actions to system share sheets, resulting in an extra consistent and convenient sharing flawless experience. 

Application Cloning: The users get the eligibility of two accounts simultaneously within the same app, which will surely enhance the user’s convenience. 

Satellite Connectivity: The company, through Android 14, introduced satellite connectivity support, which potentially improved connectivity in remote areas without even cell service. 

Regional Preference: With Android 14, users can now customise system settings for temperature units, calendars, numerals, week start day, any many more. The exciting part is the increased support for region-based language options. 

Android 14

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