A Bug Causes Excessive Zooming While Recording Stories On Instagram. Here’s A Hack

The most popular, widely used and multifaceted application, Instagram offers several exciting features and intuitive functionality. Instagram offers better convenience by offering the ability to take pictures and videos straight from the app itself. However, this capability is not working for some users in recent times. Users have been complaining about the excessive zoom effect while they are recording their Instagram stories. Fortunately, there’s a hack for this problem.

Excessive Zooming Due To Some Bugs:

According to some reports it was seen that the users are getting some bugs on Instagram while they are recording stories. It was seen in the latest version of Instagram on an iPhone. While recording a video, we swipe up and zoom in or zoom out at our convenience. Still, due to a bug, only a slight swipe up is causing excessive zooming within the app, which is very frustrating for the users who are unable to record the stories due to the bug.

Although it was not confirmed that the bug is affecting all iOS devices, some reports say that most devices running iOS 16 and iOS 17 beta are the primary victims. Fortunately, there is no such news related to the bug in Android devices, which means the bug issue is currently on the iOS app. 

On the other hand, Meta has not yet accepted the bug in the app. Still, there is a hack to get the bug removed from the app officially.

Here’s A Hack:

The most essential thing which users can do is they can opt for manually zoom by using the pinch gestures instead swiping up or down. Plus, when using the gestures, the recording works normally as it did before. You can even enable the hands-free mode within the Instagram camera to make it easier, which means you don’t have the zooming issue while recording. 

Apart from this, Apple doesn’t let users downgrade any application installed from the App Store. However, users will have to wait until Meta releases another Instagram version on the App Store.



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