Google Wear OS 4 Features, Here’s Check It Out

Wear OS 4 according to protocol debuted on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series in the launch event of the Korean Brand in July 2023. And it has got its new official update soon, and it has arrived with lots of new features and improvements as per the convenience of the users, which will surely enhance their experience. Meanwhile, many outlets, for instance, Android Authority, have been lucky enough to start reviewing the latest Wear OS already. 

Wear OS 4 Features: 

Wear OS 4 introduced several new and modern features which will help to enhance the user’s Wear OS app experience. In this article, let’s discuss the features of Wear OS 4

Watch Face Format: 

A new feature the company has introduced as per the need of the users is a watch face. It is a declarative XML format to configure the looks and behaviour of the watch faces. This indicates that there is no achievable code involved in creating a watch face, and also, now, there is no code embedded in the user’s watch face APK. 

The Wear OS platform takes care of the basics needed to render the watch face so the users can centre point to their creative ideas more readily than code optimization or battery performance. 


Tiles 1.2 announced support for platform data bindings, which indicates that if the user’s tile uses platform data sources; for instance, heart rate, step count or time and many more so the user’s tile is updated once per second. 

This new update has brought the facility of animations. Now the users can tween animations to create smooth as well as fluent transitions on changes to a part of their layout, and transition animations can animate the latest element or vanish from the tile. 

Splash Screens: 

Wear OS 4 developer preview, and the system always applies the default splash screen on both cold as well as warm applications start. This scheme works automatically for all applications running on Wear OS Wear OS 4 Is Coming & Bringing New Apps, Features, And Improvements4 developer preview.  

Apart from this, the user’s application implements gadgets, a custom splash screen or may be a launcher theme, and migrate the user’s app to use the Splash Screen library, which is available in Jetpack.  

Wear OS 4

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