Best Games For i3 Processor 4GB RAM Without Graphics Card

The gaming industry has become more enhanced and dynamic in the modern world. New, advanced and exciting games are being launched now and then. There are numerous games which you can consider to play either on your PS or on your PC. Now, talking about the best games that can be played on an i3 processor, many great games can be played on a computer with a Core i3 processor and 4 GB of RAM, even without a dedicated graphics card. Here are some suggestions: 

Best Games For i3 Processor 4GB RAM:

Stardew Valley:

Stardew Valley is a simulation role-playing game in which players play various roles of a particular character. It is a farming simulation game. In the game, players create a character who inherits a piece of land and a small house in a small village called Pelican Town, located in Stardew Valley, which his grandfather once owned. 

Players can choose from several different farm types, each with a unique theme and other advantages and disadvantages. To start over again, you have to work to clear the land, take care of crops and livestock to generate revenue and expand the farm.


Minecraft is a block game where you can transform into whatever you imagine. Play this creative game and look for the tools which will help you survive the competition. With the seamless cross-platform gameplay on Minecraft, you can expand the game by exploring the latest community creations in the marketplace, using slash commands, and even customising your experience with the free ad-ons. It is a multiplayer game and offers a 30-day free trial in-app.


Limbo has one of the best audio tracks, creating strange sounds like breaking glass, heavy breathing, and trees falling violently. You’ll be able to hear the desperation in your character’s footsteps. It’s simultaneously exciting and scary, and the whole game is devoid of colour. Everything fits together for an excellent dark atmospheric game. All in all, it’s a brilliant adventurous puzzle game.


Braid is a puzzle-based video game. The game integrates traditionally defining aspects of the platform genre and various innovative time-manipulation powers. Using these abilities, the player advances in the game by finding and connecting pieces of the jigsaw puzzle.


These games are all relatively lightweight and should run smoothly on your system. However, remember that performance may vary depending on your specific hardware configuration and settings.

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