CrossOver 23 With DirectX 12 Support Rolled Out For MacOS

CrossOver recently rolled out its major stable update available to all users for DirectX 12, allowing users to play Windows games with enhanced seamless performance on Mac. Previously the company released its beta version back in June through CrossOver 23.

CrossOver 23 Attach Support For DirectX 12

If the information is to be believed, then according to CodeWeavers in a blog post, it is mentioned that officially CrossOver 23 is available for download. This new update brings many enhanced facilities and performance, and the exciting part is that it may be the early support for DirectX 12; for instance, a Microsoft API ready for use on Windows and Xbox, which handles graphics and sound. 

Now the users will perform better with a more fluent and seamless experience simultaneously with DirectX 12; games can access all GPU cores. But the noticeable fact is DirectX 12 is only supportable in CrossOver with few particular games. Currently, it only runs with Diablo II Resurrected and Diablo IV. But it is expected to get support for more DirectX 12 titles soon. 

Apart from this DirectX 12 support, CrossOver is also offering the facility of geometry shaders and transform feedback support as well, which will help in resolving some troubles and issues like missing graphics of a few games. The update also supports the EA App, a new game launcher from Electronic Arts.

On MacOS, Running Windows Games  

For more information, for macOS, Linux and ChromeOS, CrossOver is a well-known platform that allows all these systems to run Windows applications as if they were native. A vast number of users choose CrossOver to run games developed for Windows on Mac and Linux PCs. 


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CrossOver 23

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