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WhatsApp: How To Share Photos In HD Quality?

WhatsApp has been receiving specific updates since the start of 2023. Whether it’s a screen-sharing feature while conducting a video call or the multi-device compatibility within the app, which lets users use the application on more than two devices simultaneously.

However, the main application remains in the primary smartphone only. WhatsApp is getting better with each arriving update. In the same reference, this Meta-owned application has rolled out the latest update, letting users send their pictures in HD quality. Read out to learn more about this new update and how to use it. 

WhatsApp’s HD photo sharing Capability: 

As announced by WhatsApp earlier this week, the Meta-owned application will allow users to send their pictures in HD quality very soon. With the introduction of the latest update, users can send photos either in standard quality or HD quality. However, the photos in HD quality will take much time to send, or it just depends on your internet speed. Also, HD pictures will consume more storage. 

Press reports say that WhatsApp commits that the photos within the app remain in the standard quality by default. However, while receiving pictures with low internet connectivity, users can now select photos whether they want to save the images at a normal rate or update the graphics to HD quality, as everyone is very familiar with the fact that the photos sent to WhatsApp are protected within the end-to-end encryption.  

Note that the photos sent in HD quality are more explicit and use more storage space, while standard prints use less storage space and are faster to transmit. The HD quality pictures are in 4160 x 3120-pixel resolutions, whereas the standard quality photos are in 1600 x 1200 pixels resolution. Meanwhile this feature is currently rolled out to some users only and gradually all the users will be getting this new update in the next coming days.

Apart from introducing the HD quality photo sharing update, this instant messaging application is currently busy testing the multi-account capability on a single device. This facility will let users run multiple WhatsApp accounts from their single smartphone. It is soon expected that the messaging application will soon let you log in to the account using a person’s user id rather than their phone number. However, more months have passed since this capability rolled out to everyone globally.

How to share photos in HD quality?

WhatsApp has rolled out this interesting HD-quality photo-sharing feature, which is very useful when the users receive a low-quality picture that could be nicer. So now, users can choose to keep their photos in HD quality. To share a photo in HD or Standard quality, the steps are pretty simple:

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Select to whom you want to send the picture.
  • Choose the image.
  • Tap on the HD tool at the top of the screen.
  • Choose the photo quality you want to send the photos, either Standard or HD quality.
  • Tap on HD quality and select Done.
  • Images set to the HD quality option will pop up on the screen.
  • Finally, tap the Send button.
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