Health Connect With Android 14 Causing Split Syncing

Google, by debuting “Health Connect,” lengthened its legs in the health category in November 2022, which helps the users in monitoring their health metrics easily. Since the launch of the app, the company has continuously worked and given updates for its betterment. 

The company is in a race to make its health app better than the iPhone’s health app. Due to this reason, Google is merging Health Connect directly into Android 14. And seems this close to its public release. The brand has started Health Connect’s migration from the Play Store mould to the system version. 

With the latest Android 14 beta 5.1 updates, the users can see a banner which displays Health Connect and can be accessed from the settings menu. After that, they are then encouraged to uninstall the Play Store version from their device. 

The notable fact about this upgrade on Google’s part has broken Health Connect syncing for some fitness apps, including Whoop and Withings. A notice will display stating Health Connect is being merged with the Android system and that the applications want to update to continue syncing data. Hence, these apps must require an update to work with the built-in design of Health Connect in Android 14. 

The users cannot sync their fitness data using Health Connect on the latest Android 14 beta 5.1 once these applications grab an update. But luckily, the company is continuously working to resolve this issue, and as soon as possible, it will get fixed. 

There are various applications that work with Health Connect already, which includes Fitbit, Samsung Health, and Google Fit. and in the future, updates will undoubtedly be broader among the users and developers. Plus, also increase the facility or ways to sync their Samsung Health data with Google Fit. 


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