WhatsApp Offering New Tools For Text Formatting

WhatsApp continuously develops and tests something new per the users’ convenience to increase their experience. Currently, it is preparing attractive and exciting tools for text formatting, which will make the message more understandable and improve the texting experience.

As per the information WhatsApp in its upcoming update, it will soon release new tools for text formatting, including syntax for blocking code snippets, Quoting specific text and creating text lists. Even before this, the company has provided some tools for formatting text; such as italics, bold, strikethrough, and monospace, but it’s been a long time since. 

After the last initial text formatting update, the company is preparing to give new tools again. Let’s get started with what will be coming in the upcoming update; 

Code Block Feature – 

With its upcoming update, WhatsApp will offer a “Code Block” option, which will help users share and read coded lines that are understandable or readable with much more ease. The brand’s main aim for providing this feature to the users is to eliminate the typical troubles of code snippets appearing confusingly, which will relieve the understanding of technical language. 

Quote Feature – 

The second feature the brand prepares is the “Quote” feature, allowing users to refer to particular messages or responses in a conversation. The notable point is that it differs from the recent quote message feature because the new tool makes the users eligible to highlight a definite portion of their text message. 

List Of Items Feature – 

The third facility of developing a new tool for text formatting is making the users create a list of items. Through this, the brand innovates and expands its capabilities per the user’s convenience. 

Moreover, these tools will also be available on iOS and Android. They are developing, and future updates will be available on WhatsApp Desktop beta. 


WhatsApp New Feature

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