Google Lens: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

In the evolution of Android, Google always tries to bring out innovation and technologies by introducing some commendable features. Of these, Google Lens stands out as the most effective tool in shaping how we interact with our smartphones. Here in this article, you will get to know everything about Google Lens, what it is and how you can use it.

 Google Lens: 

As mentioned earlier in this article, Google Lens is the most effective tool. It can easily be integrated with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, yet offering the power of visual intelligence and modifying Android devices into a smart and dynamic assistant. Google Lens offers several intuitive functionalities. 

Whether you are looking for your favourite pair of sneakers to identify an object in an image or translation of texts, Google Lens provides an unmatched experience. Besides, Google Lens is seamlessly integrated with Google Photos in almost every Android smartphone. You are offering users to access the Lens in no time quickly. 

How does it work?

Google Lens works with the principle of the camera. In other words, when you point your camera towards an object, Lens identifies the thing with the help of artificial intelligence and provides you with information about what it is. For instance, when you point your camera over a signboard, Google Lens will translate the text written over it and provide you with all the relevant information. 

Google Lens: How to use it?

Google Lens works with screenshots or a photo captured by the camera. By default, the app has been distributed into two halves, the top part of the app shows the live feed, while the bottom part shows the photo library. Pick any image from your library, and Lens will provide you with all the relevant information about that particular image. 

It doesn’t matter how you access Google Lens; it constantly presents a wide range of search options at the bottom of the screen. By tapping the search option, you will get a variety of results, whether it is translations of a text, solving a maths problem, or getting ideas for an important assignment. 

Using Lens with a screenshot:

When you tap on the screenshot and swipe up to get the Lens search results, it will provide you with more relevant information. Also, it can quickly identify the objects from the photo online.

Using Lens with a Camera:

Just point out your camera on an object or thing which you want to know about. Tap on the Lens icon. Now swipe up, and you will get more information about the object. 

Google Lens

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