Google Keep May Soon Offer The Features To Sort Notes

Google Keep is getting a new update by which the users will get the facility to sort their notes more easily. It is one of the best well-known note-taking applications, owing to the fact that it ticks all the right boxes. It also helps the users by supporting doodling and platform-agnostic sync across other devices. Recently, it also picked up the support for rich text formatting features.

Now, Google devs are focusing on making the platform more accessible and user-friendly to sort the user’s notes and lists in the app. Currently, by default, the Google Keep app sorts the user’s messages in reverse chronological order and places the most recently created or edited message at the top. If the users don’t like this, they can drag and reorder notes in a sequence as per their choice by just tapping and holding. Apart from this, it also allows the users to pinning their few needy notes that they want to keep to the top, so they don’t need to scroll in search of them. The notable point is that the app has no other options besides the custom arrangement and the reverse chronological system to short user lists.

Luckily, @AssembleDebug on Telegram used the GAppsMod tool to reveal additional sorting options or a hidden flag in Google Keep. While enabling the flag number 45414568, the users present three sorting options: Custom, Date created, and Date modified. However, how all these options will perform has yet to be made clear.

It is suspected that the Date Created option will help the users by putting the newest note first, even if they edit older messages after creating the latest ones. At the same time, the Date modified option should sort the user lists like Google Keep used to do today, placing the most recently created or edited note at the top but just below the pinned ones. The Custom option will take care of the order in which the users manually arrange the item using the drag-and-drop scheme.

However, it has yet to be confirmed when all these new options will take the place on Google Keep. For now, all of these changes or new options are available in the app’s beta version. But it is expected that soon it will be open to all.

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