Instagram Is Testing For Two New Features: Astrology Stickers & Quick Snap

Instagram currently has 2.35 billion monthly active users, and this digit makes the platform the fourth most popular in the world. This has been possible because the company has been constantly providing the necessary facilities, sometimes it gives it before the need. As per the new reports, Instagram is testing two new features to enhance the user’s experience. 

What’s New Will Arrive On Instagram Soon 

According to the reports, Meta is preparing two new features, which include an Astrology sticker and the second one is Quick Snaps. A post on X (Twitter) shared by @alex193a revealed that Instagram is working on a new sticker named Astrology, and the other one is Quick Snap. 

Instagram Astrology Sticker 

The Astrology sticker will appear on the story’s sticker interface; this feature will help the users examine the compatibility of astrological elements. For instance, when Leo comes together, they form a partnership of shared goals and a resolute sense of purpose, and their matched values and mutual respect result in a friendship based on support and aspiration. With this new feature, the users can specify their Zodiac sign and also be able to ask for the zodiac signs of other people. Due to this, the users could exchange their ideas and encourage community building. 

Instagram Quick Snap 

Instagram is also testing a new feature named Quick Snap, which joins the other posting options, which include Post, Story, Reel, and Live. however, it is not clear yet what exactly is to the rear of the feature. According to estimates, it is being said that the new feature of Quick Snaps will appear as a new content format by which the creators can send images to their followers or even selected groups promptly and even without much creative effort.  

Both options will enhance the platform’s performance; the first one, the astrology sticker feature, will increase the zodiac experience, whereas the second one will improve the posting experience.  

Furthermore, the brand has not announced anything officially yet, and it is also not known when the company will release both of the features and how they will work. We can only wait for the IG to announce something about it for more information. 

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