OnePlus System Applications Update Tracker [Updated August, 2023]

OnePlus offers various useful mobile applications for its devices. This article provides a list of system apps including OnePlus System Applications based on OxygenOS are popular among users.

OxygenOS 14 is currently under development, and to increase the compatibility with the system apps, OnePlus is updating its application so that apps can work seamlessly. Here is the list of some useful system applications for your OnePlus mobile device. Which you can easily download and upgrade.

Here You Can Check OnePlus System Applications For OxygenOS 12 And 13

We are bringing all the system apps of OxygenOS skin in a single article which you can check and upgrade the OnePlus applications.

Quick Device Connect

OnePlus Launcher


Clone Phone

What’s New
1. OnePlus Switch is now called Clone Phone with improved performance and functionality. Please ensure both new and old devices have Clone Phone installed and updated to the latest version.
2. Optimize issues with device connection.
3. General bug fixes and improvements.

 Call Recording




OnePlus Care

OnePlus Sports

What’s New:
General bug fixes & improvements.

OnePlus Orbit

Orbit – A revamped OnePlus Community App, the term “orbit” is often used to describe the path that a satellite travels around the earth, to continuously provide people with better services. This aligns precisely with our community product philosophy and user-driven concept. With Orbit, we aspire to gather OnePlus users from all over the world to co-create a better, ever-more inclusive Community – delivering a fresh product experience and invigorated community culture.

OnePlus Community

OnePlus Games

System Launcher

OnePlus’s launcher is smooth, stable, and is equipped with a host of customization features for making your home screen look exactly the way that the user wants it to.

Latest Versions:


Note: Only available for OxygenOS 11 or 12 and devices with Canvas AOD support. In some cases, this feature will not work on your OnePlus smartphones.

Wallpaper & Style

  • Wallpaper & Style v13.0.4

Theme Store

Basically, this Theme store app is taken from the ColorOS skin of OPPO, as it was told earlier that OnePlus will use the elements of ColorOS in OxygenOS, on the basis of that this theme store has been added. 

Customize your OnePlus smartphone with a theme. Each one comes with a thoughtfully designed set of wallpaper, icons, and details.

Game Space

Play the game via OnePlus Game Space for an enhanced gaming experience. Store, and access all your games from Game Space with gaming optimization options. Games in Game Space will be automatically launched in Gaming Mode for an immersive gaming experience.

Gallery App

File manager (My Files)

File Manager (My Files) manages all the files on your smartphone, just like a file explorer on your computer. You can also manage files stored on SD cards, USB drives, and files in the cloud storage connected with your smartphone at the same time.

What’s new
If you find the files in Android/data or Android/obb folder unable to be seen, please don’t worry, all the relevant data is still stored in the phone. This is because the Google team has hidden these folders in consideration of optimizing the privacy policy, so some files can‘t be viewed.If you need to check relevant information, please try to find it in the third-party Apps.


OnePlus Camera is the pre-installed camera that all Realme smartphones use to take pictures. You can take a picture in a matter of seconds to immortalize any moment of your life with the click of a button.

OnePlus Screenshot

Always On Display


With the help of the OnePlus Weather app can get an idea of the upcoming forecast for your current location with just a glance, seeing not only today’s weather but the entire week’s. You can also set up a widget on your screen so you check this information without needing to open any app.


OnePlus Clock is an alarm clock that OxygenOS devices come installed with by default. It’s the main tool to check the date and time on your smartphone, whether through the widget or by opening the app.


OnePlus Calculator app allows you to do addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division on your OnePlus smartphone. Moreover, it takes up less storage and has several options onboard. Also, it works fast with low processing power thus, saving battery. To mention the best, it needs no permission!

Block & Filter


Zen mode

What’s New:
Fixes some known bugs. Your data is now better protected.

OnePlus Community

What’s new
New Update
1. Display local circle feeds
2. Search optimization: search result sorting, time filtering, and search within circle
3. Circle recommendation for new users

New Medals
1. Display circle enagement data within a circle
2. User experience improvement

Quick Device Connect

OnePlus Phone

OnePlus Store

What’s new
We have made some minor bug fixes. Update now for a better shopping experience.

Screen Recording

OnePlus Widget


OnePlus Notes

What’s new
The newly added features in Notes!
1. All new feature, Doodles!
Inspiration and doodles go hand in hand. Now access a variety of paintbrushes and colors and make your phone can a canvas for ideas.
2. To-do list
Easily arrange work and life errands to check them off one by one.
3. More text styles
New text style functions such as bold, italic, underline, center, and text size to make your content more layered.

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