How To Change Fonts On Instagram?

Despite offering several impressive features, Instagram could be more extensive when it comes to changing fonts. Likewise, there are no settings or functionality to change the fonts of the Instagram bio or even the fonts on the post’s caption. But that’s not the case that you can’t change the fonts at all. In this guide, you will learn about the different ways to change the fonts in your Instagram bio, stories, comments, and even on your post’s captions. 

Changing Fonts on your Text-based Instagram stories:

Although Instagram doesn’t offer to change fonts in your bio or captions, it has provided several new and excellent font options in the app’s stories section so that users can easily use them to post text-based stories on Instagram. Moreover, it’s straightforward to customize the fonts on your text-based stories on Instagram. The application offers a wide range of cool fonts by default to let you choose either. There are, in total, 9 fonts at present. 

How to change fonts?

Here’s how to change fonts on Instagram’s text-based stories:

  1. Open the Instagram app.

  2. Tap on Your Story option.

  3. Select the Camera option.

  4. Tap the Create (Aa) icon at the left.

  5. Now, you can create a text-only story.

  6. Next, you need to tap on the circular-shaped “Aa” button at the bottom.

  7. Now tap on the blank space to type something; several font options will appear once you tap on the empty space.

  8. Select any of the fonts and start typing.

Getting new fonts on Instagram:

As mentioned earlier in this article, Instagram only allows users to access a total of 9 fonts within Instagram stories and not in the Instagram bio or captions. Nevertheless, you can access fonts that are not supported by Instagram officially. One of the best examples is Cool Fonts, which you can install from the Google Play Store.
The simplest way to use different fonts from the Cool Fonts app is you need to copy the text from the app, paste it on Instagram, and it will remain in its original font style while you have pasted it on Instagram.

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