Google Maps Offering Interesting New Way To Save Favourite Places

Google Maps has been providing new updates quickly for the last several days, and now it has rolled out the latest update, which is attractive in a way. With the latest update, it offers a new feature that allows users to customize their saved places in an interesting new way by adding emojis as icons to their favorite sites, such as Coffee shops, Shopping spots, Temples, and many more. 

If a post on ‘X’ is to be believed, which is shared by @googlemaps, the official account of the brand and stating about the new update of Google Maps.

“NEW UPDATE: Now you can customize your saved places with emojis to help you find your favorite spots faster.” 

With the latest update, users can use emojis to save their favorite places on Google Maps. For example, if they want to keep the location of a coffee shop, then they can put an emoji related to coffee or as per their wish. The special fact of this new feature will be that the users will see their save location emerging and will also appear attractive in a way. Now, the users can easily and quickly identify their saved places. 

How To Add Emojis To Your Google Map

To add the emojis for highlighting saved places, the users must find the places they want to keep, then tap on them and choose the save option. A new tab, save to list, appears on the display, letting users add items to a list. At the top of the list, the page Choose icon option will appear, which brings up an emoji UI where the users can pick the best to represent their favorite spots.  

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