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Know How Many Years Your Flagship Phone Will Get Software Support

The software update is necessary for every device. That’s right, yes, it is because updates bring new features, improvements, fixes, and more for better performance of the device. Android updates are getting more and more daring now, and the competition is huge. Well, in this article, you can know for how many years your flagship phone will get software support

If you have an Android smartphone, you want it to last as long as possible. So in the world of Android, there are two types of smartphone updates: major Android updates and security patches.

Major Android updates usually come once a year. Currently, Android 13 is the latest update for eligible smartphones. On the other hand, Google recently introduced the Beta 5.3 of its latest mobile operating system – Android 14, called UpsideDownCake. Android 14 looks like an iterative upgrade of Android 13 and brings a lot of new features and some improvements. 

On the flip side, the security patches come on a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly basis. The security update for Android smartphones comes with minor performance boosts system security, stability optimizations, and fixes for several issues and vulnerabilities.

If you are facing any issue with your smartphone, then it can be fixed by installing the latest update. For clarity, here you can find out how many years your flagship phone will receive Android updates and security patches.

Flagship Smartphone Android Updates + Security Patches Policy:

Smartphone CompaniesAndroid Updates Security Patches
Google3 Years5 Years
OnePlus4 Years5 Years
Realme3 Years4 Years
Samsung4 Years5 Years
OPPO4 Years5 Years
Xiaomi4 Years5 Years
Nothing3 Years4 Years
Motorola3 Years4 Years
Nokia3 Years3 Years
VIVO3 Years3 Years
Sony2 Years3 Years
Honor2 Years3 Years

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