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YouTube Testing The ‘Subscribe’ Button Glow: Check What’s Coming To You

YouTube is the world’s second most visited search engine, after Hey Google. The first thing that is clicked is YouTube, where videos related to almost everything are available. Watch videos on YouTube. No matter which channel or any creator, one thing is common to all. Guess What? Yes, Subscription request. 

Keeping in mind this fact, the company is currently busy experimenting with a new feature that allows the actual “subscribe” button to glow in line with the request. Every creature asks for a subscription in his video at least once or another, so for this, a little convenience has been increased by adding this feature. 

According to new reports, YouTube is testing a new feature that automatically helps in glowing the “Subscribe” button whenever a video says the word “subscribe.” With this feature, while watching any video on YouTube, the ‘Subscribe’ button will automatically appear as many times as the subscriber word comes in. The app itself fully automates this process. 

Now, creators will not have to work hard to attract the audience’s attention to the subscribe button. The glowing animation adds a speck of colour to the button for a couple of seconds, offering some fine but surely noticeable attention to the button. 

However, for now, the feature is in its developing stage and only appears to be accessible work on desktop at the moment, along with no sign of it on mobile or TV applications. But it is expected that soon it will be rolled out and available to all.  



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Aakash Gour

Aakash is the main editor of RM Update and coordinator of the news area. If it is important and urgent, Aakash has written about it. He is an expert in the Android and Google ecosystem. He has been writing about mobile phones and technology in RM Update since 2019, a time in which he has been debugging his analyses and especially product photography.

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