iPhone 15 May Set A Limit To Users For Maximum Battery Charge

Apple released its latest iPhone 15 series, undoubtedly with many new and improved features and functionality for enhancing the users’ seamless and fluent experience. The rumors that came before the launch have turned out to be accurate because the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro get a USB-C port in place of lightning. 

Now, users can use the same cable between iPhones, iPads, and Macs for charging. But here’s a fact: the iPhone 15 has an additional option to limit the maximum battery charge. 

iPhone 15 Will Receive a New Battery Charge Limiting Option 

According to information, Apple has developed the latest feature, which will limit the users for maximum battery charge, leading to a better preservation of its health. This is speculated based on a code found in iOS 17 RC. Once the brand releases this feature, it will be available in the Battery settings menu. 

If the users turn the feature on, then it will notify them that the battery “will only charge to about X%.” Whereas when they turn it off, a message will appear stating that the iPhone “will charge to its full capacity.” This new option will always limit recharging to a definite battery level. 

However, the same feature is already available in some Android devices, such as Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones. The reason behind providing this feature is that recharging a lithium-ion battery to 100% ends up making the battery age much faster. By doing so, the users can sacrifice battery breath to ensure the component will last longer. 

Noticeably, most iPhone 14 Pro users have complained about the device’s maximum battery capacity dropping too fast. And this is the reason Apple will provide this feature so that users can manage their iPhone’s battery better. 

Moreover, the iPhone 15 is still unavailable in stores, so it still needs to be confirmed that this feature will be available out of the box. Also, it might be possible that the new charge optimization feature only applies to USB-C iPhones. On the other hand, iOS 17 will be rolled out stably on Monday, September 18. Concerning the iPhone 15, pre-orders start this Friday, with the official launch on September 22. 


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