Starlink Internet Not Working, How To Fix It?

Starlink is a special project developed by SpaceX, which allows users to access the high-speed internet anywhere on the planet using a collection of thousands of satellites. Starlink focuses on providing faster, cheaper and much more reliable broadband services, even in the low-connectivity rural and remote areas. 

Like any other satellites, Starlink also depends upon a single geostationary satellite that orbits around the planet. It basically uses advanced technologies so that it can communicate nicely with the ground stations. Although it offers a great broadband support, still sometimes users face some issues within the starlink internet. Let’s have a look at some troubleshooting tips if you are facing the Starlink not working issue.

However, there could be a number of reasons behind the Starlink internet not working issue. Whether the Starlink is offline, issues occurring due to reboot failure, it keeps disconnecting and more.

  • Check if the Starlink is offline or not:

In case if you are using the Starlink for the first time then you need to wait for 30 mins for it to set up. Once it is set, it will search for a satellite and set up an internet connection. You need to make sure that the cable is nicely connected with the router. Sometimes when the cable is not connected it shows the message that Starlink is offline. 

  • Connection failure:

After ensuring the proper cable connection, still your Starlink is not working properly, then there might be the possibility that your app has some connection failure and it is not connecting to the Starlink properly. To resolve this issue you can manually stow your Starlink in just a few steps mentioned below:

  1. Starlink power should be on.
  2. Remove the base.
  3. Here you have to keep the Starlink dish facing downwards. In other words, the flat surface of the dish should face the ground while the legs should be facing the sky.
  4. Starlink dishes will automatically bend into a stow position, you need to wait for a few minutes.
  5. At last, unplug the power cable.
  • Firmware problem:

While using Starlink before you have not encountered any issue regarding the internet connection, then the problem might be in your Starlink firmware. Then you must wait for the next software update. Although most of the time these firmware will automatically be updated by SpaceX itself.

  • Starlink is running slow:

Most of the users are experiencing slow internet speed. For your information, the Starlink router has two channels, 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The 5GHz router is fast as compared to the 2.4GHz one, so you need to connect all your devices to the 5GHz channel. Apart from this if the weather is bad then the Starlink will not work properly as it needs a proper stable internet connection. 

  • Router is blinking red or white light:

Another troubleshooting trick is you can try to check for the light of the Starlink router. Here are some indications to understand the Starlink not working issue:

  1. Red light:  the red light indicates that the Starlink is not connected as there is no internet.
  2. Flashing white light:  this is the indication that your Starlink dish is searching for the satellites. 
  3. Solid white light:  if your router is showing a solid white light which highlights that the Starlink has a good internet connection.
  4. No light:  it highlights that the Starlink router is offline.
  • Wait for the SpaceX to resolve the issue:

If nothing is working for solving the Starlink internet not working issue then you have to wait for the SpaceX to resolve the problem as sometimes the issues might occur from the SpaceX side and from yours. Wait for a while till SpaceX is fixing the issue.

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