Google Photos Will Let You Backup Your Locked Folders

Google Photos is the secured home for the users’ memories, which offers the facility to the users by which they can securely back their photos and videos to Google Photos, plus experience or enjoy them from any other device. Previously, Google Photos announced Locked Folder, which refers to a space meant to cordon off the user’s sensitive pictures to stop accidental sharing, in 2022. 

Noticeably, this feature from the start remains offline, which creates enough sense from a privacy viewpoint. But because of this, if the users reset their device or precise Google Photos application data, unfortunately, they lose the entire contents of their Locked Folder

According to the new reports, it is revealed that users will soon get the ability to sync the Google Photos Locked Folder across devices signed in to their Google Account. A new prompt appears at the top of the Google Photos: Backup Locked Folder. This prompt will take the users to a screen explaining how Backing up Locked Folders keeps their hidden photos & videos safe even when they change devices or delete the app. 

With the latest update, the users will have the option to Turn on backup or not backup, which helps keep the feature unchanged from today. The Locked Folder grid will display a cloud icon at the top-right corner. And that menu will let users turn off sync whenever they want. Once the users turn it on, everything will automatically start uploading to the cloud. 

The Locked Folder is displayed in the sidebar just above the Trash. To get access, the users must sign in to their account, which includes 2-step verification. However, it’s yet to be fully available. Meanwhile, this new feature is also spotted on iOS. It is expected that soon it will be open to all. 


Google Photos

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