When Should You Replace Your iPhone Battery?

Apple devices are known for their advanced and intuitive technologies. From their advanced software to amazing features, Apple is growing rapidly across the world. One such amazing technology that Apple uses in its devices is its powerful battery and performance. Apple claims that iPhone batteries are designed to retain up to 80% of battery capacity even after 500 charging cycles, including both charging and discharging. However, if you have a slightly older iPhone, replacing your iPhone’s battery will not only improve the battery’s lifespan but also improve its performance. But when is the correct time to replace the iPhone’s battery?

iPhone batteries are made of rechargeable lithium-ion, so they have a fast charging capacity and are more powerful. Although all batteries decline with time, older iPhone models are more vulnerable to several battery issues than newer ones. In contrast, the latest iPhone batteries are made with advanced technologies, so they are not prone to poor battery health. Meanwhile, to check the iPhone’s battery health, ensure that you have charged your iPhone, then head to Settings >> Battery >> and Battery Health. 

Points to keep in mind when to replace the battery of your iPhone:

  • iPhone battery’s maximum capacity:

By checking the maximum capacity of your iPhone, you can know about the performance of your battery and when to replace it. This capacity measures your iPhone’s battery by comparing it with its battery capacity when you first bought it. The most important factor affecting the battery life of an iPhone is the number of charging cycles and how the person takes care of their iPhone. For example, when you need to save your phone’s battery, keep your phone half-charged. Avoid charging your iPhone in a hot environment, such as in direct sunlight, for an extended period.

  • Chemical ageing:

All rechargeable batteries are made of lithium-ion, which declines the battery life with time, and the components become less effective due to chemical aging. Furthermore, the repetitive charging cycles are another factor that adversely affects the iPhone’s battery.

  • Battery Health degraded:

When the battery capacity of your iPhone decreases below 80%, it’s a clear indication that the battery of your iPhone doesn’t hold the same power as it held at the time of purchase. Although if you use your iPhone for scrolling social media, it’s completely fine; if you use your iPhone for heavy gaming, you should have to replace your iPhone’s battery. 

How to Replace an iPhone Battery?

Replacing an iPhone battery is a straightforward, economical, and perfect method to improve the lifespan of your iPhone. The best option is to contact an iPhone repair expert in the nearest Apple Store to replace its battery. However, battery replacement cost begins from $70, depending upon which iPhone model you use. 

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