ColorOS 14: List Of Third-Party Apps That Are Unsuitable For Android 14

ColorOS 14, based on Android 14, will be the next major update for OPPO devices. After a long wait, the Chinese tech giant has finally released a closed beta program for several flagships and A series smartphones. Along with this, the company shared a list of third-party apps that are not compatible with the Android 14-based ColorOS 14 upgrade.

With the ColorOS 14 closed beta firmware, the brand has reported several instability and performance issues. Also, the same is true with third-party apps that act abnormally due to Android 14 installation. Eventually, users will start facing some problems after the update to Android 14, for example, app crashes, no response, black screen, abnormal functions, and others. If this happens, please update the apps on your phone to their latest version.

Meanwhile, Oppo is promoting the customization of third-party apps in Android 14, and developers are actively working on it. However, to make things clear, the company has reported some third-party apps that are incompatible with Android 14. However, below is the list of popular apps that still need to be compatible with Android 14.

Apart from the Android 14 third-party APP compatibility, the ColorOS 14 closed beta is in development. It also includes known errors, including trouble with app crashes, no response, black screen, abnormal functions, etc.

Known issues:

  1. Storage size does not show used storage space
  2. Long press 1 will exit the dial to the desktop
  3. The charging icon doesn’t show two decimal places on the lock screen with the Super Flash charger
  4. There’s a chance of the phone ringing with no incoming call
  5. There’s a chance of a black screen appearing when swiping left or right between recent apps
  6. The Long Screenshot feature is not displaying properly on the Weather Warning page
  7. When using the Album Photos, there’s a chance the photos are not displayed in order
  8. After taking a photo and clicking the bottom left corner to enter the album, this photo can’t be deleted normally.
  9. The Aquamorphic theme ringtone won’t have a vibration

Android 14-based ColorOS 14 Available For These Devices:

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