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How Do You Use the Apple Watch Series 9 Double Tap Feature?

Apple Watch Series 9 is the newest and most advanced smartwatch launched recently by Apple in its Wonderlust event. It is packed with a slew of interesting features and technologies, and one such amazing and notable feature that makes Apple’s latest Watch Series 9 stand out is the new gesture feature. Let’s take a look at how it works on your Apple Watch Series 9.

The latest gesture feature, which is named the double tap feature, allows users to control their smartwatch without having to touch its screen. Basically, using a combination of certain sensors and machine learning, the smartwatch detects the action when you double-tap your index finger and thumb simultaneously.

Moreover, the Apple Watch Series 9 Double Tap feature allows users to perform several functions, including answer or end calls, stop the alarm timer, control the play or pause action while listening to music, and start or stop the timer. When you use this gesture feature, the watch will show a small notification symbol at the top.

How do I use the double-tap feature on the Apple Watch Series 9?

Although the double tap is a new gesture feature for controlling the watch with just one hand without touching the watch’s screen, The Apple Watch Series 9 can perform certain functions.

  • On your watch hand,
  • Simply double-tap your index finger and thumb twice, simultaneously.
  • Now you will be able to perform several tasks, like answer a call, play or pause music, stop the timer, or snooze your alarm.

Apple Watch Series 9 Features:

Not only can you perform these functions, but you can also perform other distinctive tasks, including opening the Smart Stack from the Watch face, and another double tap will allow you to scroll through the widgets in the Stack. Plus, you can also take pictures with the camera remote on your Apple Watch.

Apple states that the double-tap feature functions through the faster neural engine in the latest Apple Watch Series 9, and the data is being processed from the built-in accelerometer, gyroscope, and optical heart sensor by a new and advanced machine learning algorithm. Furthermore, this advanced algorithm detects the small wrist movement along with the changes in your blood flow when you move your index finger and thumb in order to perform the double tap.

Apple Watch Double Tap

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