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WhatsApp Channels: How To Add, Change, And Remove Emoji Reactions?

The widely used, most popular instant messaging application, WhatsApp, has been rolling out several exciting updates. One such interesting feature is the introduction of WhatsApp Channels, which delivers a more private method to get essential updates for the users. With the introduction of Channels, the company invites thousands of big and small organizations, sports teams, and other famous personalities that users can follow straight within WhatsApp. If you are new to using WhatsApp Channels, then we have got you a guide in which you can easily learn how you can add, change, and remove emoji reactions in the WhatsApp Channels.

Moreover, WhatsApp Channels are private to your WhatsApp. In other words, Channels are placed separately from your chats, and the channels you follow are not visible to other followers. Plus, WhatsApp claims that the personal information of Admins and Followers is not shared with anyone. 

Furthermore, as WhatsApp channels are going to expand globally soon, the company has made several updates within the WhatsApp channels. These include Reactions, Editing, Forwarding and Enhanced Directory. The expansion of the Channels feature is in its initial phase, and soon it will be expanded to other users over the upcoming months, the company is making it possible for everyone to have their own WhatsApp Channels.

It’s worth noting that you can only add a single reaction per update. In case you opt to unfollow any channel, your reactions from the Channel’s content will not be deleted. If you remove your reaction from the channel but was unsuccessful, then the channel admins can see your reaction before it was removed. Also, you will not be notified that your reaction has not been removed.

WhatsApp Channels: How to Add, Change, and Remove Emoji Reactions?

You can easily add, change or remove a reaction to any update which you have made in the past 30 days; here steps for you to follow:

  • To Add an emoji reaction:

Just long press on the update to which you want to react. Now, simply click to choose either of the displayed emojis.

  • To Change a emoji reaction:

To Change your emoji reaction from a different emoji, just long press on your desired update, which you have reacted to again and select a different emoji from the emojis that are displayed.

  • To Remove a reaction:

To remove an emoji reaction from an update, you just have to long press on the update to which you have reacted and then click on the reacted emoji in order to remove it.

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