Is The iPhone 15 Pro Max Waterproof Or Not?

Apple’s newest iPhone 15 series has arrived in the smartphone market and is packed with several features and specific impressive enhancements. Recently, at Apple’s Wonderlust event, the company has unveiled four exciting models in the latest iPhone 15 lineup, including the iPhone 15 Pro Max. No doubt, all four smartphones hold several impressive functionalities. Are you wondering about the new elegant iPhone 15 Pro Max? Is the newest iPhone waterproof? Let’s find that out.

While buying a new smartphone, there are a few things on which we focus. These include the software capability and updates, powerful processor, battery capacity and backup, connectivity, display and more. However, the smartphone’s biggest threat is water. Water can disturb the chemicals present inside the iPhone’s battery, making it corrosive, which leads to specific issues. To deal with our fears, most smartphone brands, including Apple, have started making their phones either Water-resistant or Waterproof. 

Understanding IP68 ratings:

An IP or Ingress Protection rating is the international standard that indicates whether the device is dust, dirt, or water resistant. In IP ratings, there are two digits. The first digit highlights the protection against solid particles, including sand or dust. In contrast, the last number in the IP ratings states that the device is protected against liquid substances like water. 

As the iPhone 15 Pro Max sports an IP68 rating, the first digit “6”, considered the highest mark in an IP rating, indicates that the iPhone 15 Pro Max is dust or sand-resistant. On the other hand, the last digit, “8”, is the highest protection mark for liquid substances like water. Alongside the iPhone 15 Pro Max, it can survive in the water at a depth of 6 meters for up to 30 minutes, only in freshwater, though. So, the IP68 ratings under the IEC standards make the latest iPhone Water-resistant but not Waterproof.  

Moreover, be very careful as the iPhone 15 Pro Max has IP68 ratings of being Water-resistant for freshwater only, so don’t plan to take your device for swimming in a pool. The pool’s salty water, which contains certain other chemicals, can destroy the substances of your iPhone’s battery and can adversely harm your device.

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