Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – Battery drain too fast? Check Easy Ways to Fix

Samsung’s flagship smartphone, Galaxy S23 Ultra offers best-in-class performance in regards to its features and technologies. Despite providing such impressive features, the only disappointing aspect regarding the smartphone is its fast-draining battery life. Most of the users have been experiencing fast battery drainage in their S23 Ultra. If you are also facing the fast battery drainage issue with your Galaxy S23 Ultra, then we have got you some of the ways with which you can resolve the problem. 

Reasons Behind Fast Draining Battery of S23 Ultra

If your smartphone’s battery is draining very fast, then there could be several reasons. One such reason is that you keep your smartphone with a high screen refresh rate, such as 120Hz, which consumes more power, resulting in fast drainage. Another cause is the AOD feature, as it keeps the screen on when the phone is not in use. Apart from this, keeping your phone at its highest battery levels and turning on the data all the time also results in fast battery drainage. 

Additionally, if your Galaxy S23 Ultra is constantly draining its battery capacity, then there might be a possibility that some of your apps are running in the background even when you are not using them. The battery life of the smartphone depends upon certain elements, namely, battery health, display settings, and device usage. As per Samsung, the battery of Samsung S23 Ultra can last up to 12 hours adhering to normal usage. However, the battery will drain faster comparatively in terms of heavy usage.

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How to Fix the Fast Battery draining Issue on Your Galaxy S23 Ultra?

In case you are facing fast battery drainage on your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, then probably you need to follow the troubleshooting tips given below:

Don’t use a higher screen refresh rate:

Using the high screen refresh rate of 120Hz consumes much battery as compared to the lower screen refresh rate of 60Hz, resulting in the fast battery drainage of your smartphone. So make sure that you have selected 60Hz.

Turn on the Power Saving mode:

Enabling the power saving mode helps you to save some battery power on your smartphone by reducing its performance and adding limits to certain features that consume more battery power. 

Disable Always On Display:

As you all are familiar with, the AOD or Always on Display features keep your smartphone’s screen on all the time, even when the phone is not in use. This leads to fast battery drainage, so the best option is to disable the AOD feature. You will find the AOD option under Settings >> Lock screen >> Always on Display.

Use Dark mode:

Instead of using light mode, prefer using dark mode as it uses less battery power compared to light mode. 

Close all the background apps:

Certain apps keep running in the background even when you are not using them. These applications while running in the background use more battery power. So to save your device’s battery just close all the apps running in the background.

Optimize apps:  

There are certain apps, which consume more battery power. In that case, optimization of these apps can help. Additionally, Samsung offers an interesting feature, known as Auto-optimization in which the device automatically optimizes the device according to the requirement.

Keep your cellular data off:

Make sure to turn off the cellular data of your device, if you keep your cellular data on every time then it will consume more battery power. It will save your device’s battery life.

Do note the above-mentioned points and it will surely help you to resolve your fast battery-draining issue.

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