YouTube Rolling Out New Splash Screen Animation While Opening On Mobile App

YouTube is a free video-hosting website that helps users store and share videos, and the domain name was registered in 2005. Since its beginning, the platform has rolled out many updates through which the users have received multiple new features and improvements as per convenience. But the noticeable fact is that the app’s appearance while opening it on smartphones remains the same. Now, finally, something new is spotted. To know what’s new, check the article. 

As usual, while opening YouTube on mobile phones, it displays the application’s logo, and then the home screen appears. Whereas the TV version of the application has its unique loading screen animation, which is different from the mobile version. Finally, most users report seeing a new short Splash Screen Animation play when they open YouTube on mobile. They also mentioned that the new animation looks familiar enough. 

YouTube Splash Screen Animation

The Splash Screen animation is relatively straightforward, reminiscent of YouTube’s video players, and appears like a Redline progress bar and play button placed at the center of the screen along with a black background. It’s the same animation users had seen in the smart TV application. However, the reports regarding this new appearance were initially sightings in April, and now the feature is being released more broadly. A Redditor posted a video of it loading earlier this week, and while it’s not much, it is at least better than nothing. 

However, some AP users still need to see this new change on YouTube v18.36.38. The latest stable version of the update is available on the Google Play Store

Moreover, the recent chime and animation splash screen was developed with the contribution of both Google and Antfood, a sonic branding studio, and Buck, a creative brand focused on branding. Also, the company explains on YouTube’s blog the actual reason behind all parts of the three-second splash screen. The company just wanted it to convey human emotion with a pleasant, expressive, and story-driven melody. Somewhere, one can say it does remind the users a lot of the Netflix start-up screen. 

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