Google Working On A Repair Mode Similar To Samsung’s Maintenance Mode: Report

Just imagine! Suddenly sound comes & you realise your Pixel Phone got out of your fist and fell, sad to relate it results in a cracked screen. And the last option is to send it to Google for repair instead of fixing it yourself. The drawback is to set up your device again after its repair, however, before sending your phone for repair, you can reset it easily. By God’s grace, such trouble did not come, but now even if it comes, Google might find a solution to the problem in the form of Repair Mode.  

Luckily, Google may find a solution to this unfortunate problem. At the moment Google has already introduced its Android 14 QPR1 beta, and according to reports, a new string is spotted out there in the Settings app, which is hinting that a new feature that could be coming to Pixels along with the upcoming December 2023 Pixel Feature Drop. 

It is interesting enough to know on what scheme Repair Mode will work. However, most of the ones are expecting that it might work similarly to Maintenance Mode on Samsung Galaxy devices by just creating a new user profile. On the other hand, the speculations are indicating that Google chose to go with reproducing a factory reset, for which Google could manipulate a mechanism it introduced in Android 10 known as Dynamic System Updates (DSU) to make this happen finely. 

DSU was introduced to facilitate booting a GSI stands for Generic System Image without even overwriting the original installation, as a result, it preserves the data of users. DSU collaborates with GSI and makes a new, empty data image. In the next boot, Android swaps out the actual system and data partitions along with the GSI and new data image by which the model will boot within the GSI with a clear data partition. 

The question is what if, in the place of swapping out the system and data partitions, Android only swaps out the data partition? Above all, use the original system partition but a fresh, empty data partition. This is what a factory reset does, but from that point, it only swaps out the data images, the original data image remains intact. It was impractical to use DSU in this manner until Android 14, despite that, as the brand Google only recently announced multiple enhancements that make this realizable. 

For instance, Android 14 provides the ability to hide the default notification which is used to display while the device is running a dynamic system. However, fortunately, the Repair Mode would be able to display its own notification. Apart from this, the next countable improvement that Google has made to DSU is permitting the device owner app to lock the device within the mode so that only the device owner is able to exit it. Also, the brand blessed with a recent AOSP patch, the RMA tools which Google uses at its service centers will have the ability to know when a device is in Repair Mode, permitting the technician to forgo factory resetting it. 


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