Google Messages Introduces A New UI For Forwarding Messages & Voice Recorder

Google Messages is providing a new UI that allows users to forward their texts. Now, with the latest update, users are getting the ability to send a particular message to various contacts, which will surely enhance their texting experience. It is an official Google application for messaging over RCS (Rich Communication Services) and a fallback to SMS/MMS. Apart from this, the brand is also rolling out a redesign for the voice recorder.   

With the latest update, users get the ability by which they can easily share the received messages to several contacts at the same time, and the interesting fact is without even copying or any other method. Google is providing a new feature to forward the received messages. 

For forwarding the messages, the users must long press on a message or image, and a menu will pop up and tap on the Forward option. Plus, the users can now select various conversations through checkboxes at the right, with the selected people appearing at the top of the screen. On the other hand, while tapping on NextFAB, it is placed at the bottom right side when the users are done. This will show a screen with the intended message within the compose field and the ability to write more. 

Jumping on the other update, which is rolling out a voice recorder redesign. It offers a facility so that users can search and label audio recordings. It also automatically transcribes, labels, and notes unique speakers while the users use it to record. With the latest update, it is getting a new look. 

With the latest update, the microphone, placed in the text field, gets changed to a waveform icon. Previously, the users had to press longly on the mic to record something. Now, with this update, the company is providing a new start and stop button, which is bound by the Cancel, Delete and Attach buttons. While recording, a count and waveform notes progress above. The users can listen to the recording now, even before adding to the message field or sending it. 

According to the reports, it is spotted that redesigning the preview of the inline message to include a waveform between play and pause and the count. However, for now, both the update has yet to be widely rolled out and available to all. But it is expected that the brand will soon make both updates available to all. 

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