Meta Is Redefining Facebook’s Brand Logo

Is Facebook Changing its logo? The answer is ‘Yes’. Meta-owned Facebook’s logo has been changed, but the noticeable fact is most people find it hard to notice what the actual change is. If you are also finding it hard to catch the change, get your attention here. The actual change in the logo of Facebook is a darker shade of blue, along with a tweaked lowercase “f” (stands for Facebook). 

What’s Get Changed In Facebook’s New Logo

Meta has changed the ancient logo of its platform, Facebook. Previously, the expression of the logo was in Facebook Blue with a white ‘f’, but the blue filling in the logo was pretty faded in the shade. With the renovation of the logo, the brand has filled the blue colour with an extra punchier shade, which is more vibrant, bolder and everlasting. The darker blue shade will surely get the attention of the previous one. 

Another change has been made with the iconic white “f”; now, it is a bit broader compared to the previous one. However, the change takes a lot of work to notice. The new blue colour is visually accessible and provides a stronger contrast for the “f” to stand apart. 

The aim behind the new logo of Facebook is to redefine Facebook’s brand identity. Meta also mentioned the key drivers behind this evolution, which are stating that;  

“Elevate the most iconic elements of our brand is to create a distinctive, refreshed Facebook.” 

“Unify how the Facebook brand comes to life across product-to-marketing experiences.” 

“Create an expansive set of colours – anchored in our core blue – that is comprehensive and vibrant, and also designed to be more accessible for people.”  

The renovation of Facebook’s logo is a rebranding by which it can easily attract users’ attention. Also, the users will get a new vibe and experience. 


Facebook logo

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