MSI Launches IMMERSE GH50 WIRELESS Gaming Headset With Ultra-Low Latency

Attention: MSI is announcing its first wireless gaming headset and Immerse GH50 Wireless to enhance the gaming experience. MSI (stands for Micro-Star International) designs, develops and provides computer hardware, gaming headsets and related products and services. It is now lengthening the brand’s area by introducing its first wireless gaming headset. However, the brand is not new in the gaming headset industry; of course, it has released some different gaming headsets over the years. 

The aim behind designing Immerse GH50 Wireless is to extend hours of immersive audio experience, powering bass-enhancing audio drivers, omnidirectional microphones and advanced software applications. With cross-platform compatibility, the GH50 Wireless helps in bringing the gameplay from PC to consoles seamlessly and quickly with no effort. It is also packed in a foldable, durable, lightweight design.  

MSI Immerse GH50 Wireless Gaming Headset Specifications 

The brand features GH50 Wireless with a low-latency 2.4GHz wireless connection, which helps ensure gamers stay in sync with the action on-screen. It offers bass-enhancing 50mm audio drivers and more pleasant and satisfactory rhythm surround sound, which offers breathing to games while hearing footsteps, gunshots and many more. 

It offers an impressive battery breath of up to 22 hours. The GH50 Wireless can smoothly transition from all-day entertainment or meetings to extreme gaming sessions without even needing instant recharging. It has appropriate media controls, offering power to gamers so they can on/off mute the microphone USB-C connector for charging. The interesting fact is that it has only 326g. GH50 Wireless assures to boast a compact, foldable, and lightweight design. In plain words, it is a power pack with multiple features and modern requirements.

Key Specifications & Close Up 

  • Product name: MSI Immerse GH50 Wireless 
  • Interface: USB 2.0 (Wireless 2.4 GHz),USB-A to USB-c Converter, 3.5mm (Wired) 
  • Drivers: 50mm 
  • Cable: Charging Cable – USB-C to USB-A, Audio Cable 3.5mm
  • Weight: 326 grams 
  • Battery Life: At least 22 Hours 
  • Microphone Pick-up Pattern: Omni-directional 
  • Accessory in the box: A carry pouch, 3.5mm jack audio cable, USB-C to A charging cable, wireless USB transmitter and USB-A to C converter.


MSI Immerse GH50

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