YouTube Launches Four New AI Tools Alongside YouTube Create

Do you know YouTube is the second most popular and visited website on the Earth? Undoubtedly, it’s a result of Google’s unstoppable efforts to introduce more new features and improvements to enhance the user’s experience, And the progress is still going on. Yes, new features are coming to YouTube, especially for creators. Check out the full article to know what’s new is coming. 

What New Features Are Coming To YouTube 

YouTube users get ready to enjoy five new features on YouTube, which especially enhance the creator’s experience. All these new features help the creators to make, edit and share their content in new ways with more seamless functionality. 

During a Made On YouTube event, the brand has announced new features are on the way to YouTube. The new features include Dream Screen, YouTube Create, AI Insights, Aloud, and Assistive Search in Creator Music. All these new features will surely offer users more smooth and flawless functionality and performance. Let’s take a closer look at these new tools. 

  • Dream Screen: YouTube is providing a new feature called Dream Screen, by which users can add AI-generated images or video backgrounds to YouTube Shorts. 
  • YouTube Create: It is a new editing and production application for smartphone creators. With this, they can smoothly and more easily polish their video even from their phones.
  • AI Insights: With this new feature, the creators will easily get ideas and outline suggestions for their video content, which is based on what their audience is already watching on YouTube. In plain words, according to the preference of their audience choice. 
  • Aloud: One of the most noticeable features out of all these new ones. With this new Aloud, the creators can flawlessly create content in more languages with an automatic dubbing tool. Through this feature, the brand is providing a facility for automatic dubbing. 
  • Assistive Search in Creator Music: Through this, feature the creators can easily find the perfect soundtrack at their convenience and choice for their video with the help of this AI-assisted search tool. It is a search tool powered by an AI assistant.   

All these new features will surely help the creators to reach more viewers than ever. However, these features directly refer to creators but indirectly enhance the audience experience. When creators create more attractive and interesting videos automatically, their visual experience will be increased or improved. 

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Aakash Gour

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