Google System September 2023 Update Brings New Changes For Android WebView

Starting this month, Google has rolled out new improvements with a new system update. However, at that time, things were mainly limited to Play Store and Play Services. In the latest version, the US tech giant is adding some more enhancements and new features to the Android WebView with September 2023 Google System Updates.

Google September 2023 System Update is adding some more enhancements to the Play Store, Wallet, System Management, Security & Privacy alongside Android WebView. The Google Play system update is now generally live. This update is available for all Android devices, including Phones, PCs, tablets, Auto, and TV.

September 2023 Google System Updates – Android WebView Gets New Changes:

The Google System September 2023 update brings new changes to Android WebView, and it adds new developer features for Google and third-party app developers to support functionality related to displaying web content in their apps.

Moreover, this update also supports two new gestures, including Stylus Rich Gestures and standard trackpad gestures, which improve Android UI+ usability and productivity on your Android devices.

This latest update improves system security and stability to enhance the overall experience. With this, Google ensures that the data is secure and private and will not be affected by bugs and viruses.


Android WebView:

  • Improvements to security and privacy and updates for bug fixes.[6][9][10][11]
  • New developer features for Google & 3rd party app developers to support functionality related to displaying web content in their apps.[6][9][10][11]
  • [Phone, PC, Tablet, Auto, TV] New keyboard shortcuts for productivity.[6]
  • [Phone, Tablet] New Stylus Rich Gestures support from Android U+ to improve device usability.[6]
  • [Phone, Tablet] Support the standard trackpad gestures on Android U+ for productivity.[11]


  • [6]Available through Android WebView v114.0 system update for September 2023
  • [9]Available through Android WebView v115.0 system update for September 2023
  • [10]Available through Android WebView v116.0 system update for September 2023
  • [11]Available through Android WebView v117.0 system update for September 2023

Android WebView:

The Android WebView tool allows you to display web content as part of your activity layout, but it lacks some features of a full browser. This function is useful when you need more control over the user interface and advanced configuration options, allowing you to embed web pages in an environment designed specifically for your app.

Android WebView

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