7 Features Of iPhone 15 That Android Users Need To Know

With the iPhone 15 launch, Apple has announced a number of revolutionary, exciting upgrades to its latest smartphone series. However, this year, Apple has made some significant changes to the latest iPhone series. These upgrades not only enhance the experience of iPhone users, but these new changes can also impact the world of Android users in many ways. While the excitement is so high, Android users should consider how they can benefit from Apple’s latest launch, the iPhone 15.

Exciting new features from the latest iPhone 15 launch:

  • Action Button:

Although the Action button feature is not fully new, as it first appeared on the Apple Watch Ultra. This small physical button allows users to quickly keep their iPhone in silent mode or into the ring state without turning on the phone’s display. To those unaware, this feature is available on Android smartphones, like the OnePlus smartphones, but with a different name, Alert Slider

Whereas this Action button in the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max allows the iPhone users to long press and change their phone’s ringing state. In contrast, the short button press will enable users to open the voice recording feature, any particular application and many more. These customization options are a significant enhancement, as you can do a number of things by using just a tiny button.

  • Titanium:

Since Android smartphones are usually made up of aluminium bodies, and for a more premium and elegant look, they get stainless steel. Apple goes a little higher and advanced its smartphones with the stunning Titanium frame on the body of the iPhone 15 Pro devices. Apple claims that the latest iPhone series features an elegant, strong and lightweight titanium body with new countered edges, which offers a great in-hand feel to the iPhone users.

Plus, the Titanium build makes the iPhone look subtle and reflects pastel colours, while the stainless steel creates a smartphone look bold and glossy. As the titanium frame produces natural colours and gives the smartphone a cool and unique look, Android smartphone manufacturers should bring this material to their smartphones.

  • USB-C:

Apple has replaced its lightning port with the USB-C port, which has been tested by the company for a long time. iPhone users have been eagerly waiting for the USB-C port as they are required to purchase new cables. Now, this situation has changed and has several benefits as well. With the changes in the USB-C standards, eliminating the old lightning port of Apple in both the data transfer and charging speeds.

While it is not specified by the brand which version of USB it’s using, in case USB 2.0 has been used, then the data transfer speed will remain as it was earlier, that is, at 480Mbs, which was supported by the lightning port. Coming to the charging speeds, Apple has claimed that the latest iPhone will charge up to 50% in around 30 minutes using a 20W charger

However, opting for the iPhone 15 Pro models, as they have the USB 3.0 version, will provide you with a data transfer speed of up to 10Gbps, whereas also allows the fast charging of your iPhone, but again nothing has been specified by Apple at the moment.

iPhone 15 series Battery
  • Voice Isolation Mode:

 Apple’s Voice isolation mode is more or less similar to the Android’s noise cancellation feature but in a more enhanced way. The Voice Isolation Mode in iPhone cancels more background noise while you are in a conversation. Apple, in its latest hardware, improved the machine learning algorithm, resulting in a better and more clear voice calling experience when the feature is activated. 

Talking about the Android devices, Google has been putting a great effort into enhancing and bringing some excellent technologies into its Pixel devices. However, the brand has already started with this revolution by introducing better features, such as the Clear Calling feature, which lets users experience more enhanced and better voice calling.

  • The Telescopic camera:

Everyone was amazed to see the stunning Telescopic camera in the latest iPhone 15 Pro models, the iPhone 15 Pro as well as the iPhone 15 Pro Max. It provides extensive photographic results, offering the most exciting possibilities for filming, either for advertising or cinematographic effects. 

  • The 3D Video:

The 3D videos offer stunning results, although this is the functionality that already exists in Android devices. The new iPhone 15 camera can now shoot zoom videos without loss of quality of up to two times. However, this functionality is certainly exciting for several iPhone users as Apple has induced it in its latest models. It’s worth noting that the HTC Evo 3D already had 3-Dimensional video support, in 2013.  

  • Satellite Communication:

Users might have seen that Apple has introduced its Emergency SOS feature through Satellite to last year’s iPhone 14. This fantastic functionality allows users to get instant help when they are on the verge of any potential risk. Now, Apple has joined hands with AAA and has added a new feature to the service in the Roadside Assistant through the Satellite to the latest iPhone 15 series. This is an advanced version of the Emergency SOS feature and allows users to send a message to AAA from their desired list to get help instantly at the exact location with all the necessary tools.

With the enhancements in the Satellite communication feature, it is clear that the company has focused and invested in improving the functionality for iPhone users so that they can get help As Soon As Possible while they are on the verge of any accidental or potential risk.   


Wrapping up, it can be said that Apple has made certain significant changes and upgrades to its latest devices. However, some of them will have a more significant impact on Android users. Of course, there are a few enhancements in the cameras in the iPhone 15 series, especially for the Pro models as well. Furthermore, Android devices do have several impressive and exciting features that the iPhone models don’t.

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