Google Introducing New Gesture For Search Bar In Android 14 QPR1

Android 14, is a hot topic among all Android fans, To increase their enthusiasm among them Google is introducing improvements and redesigns to searching. Now along with Android 14, QPR1 users will get new gestures and extra immersive searching design. In this article let’s discuss how searching for things will perform on smartphones and bigger screen devices through the latest gesture. 

Google always focuses on the searching experience of the users, and also continuously works on it. In the last couple of years, the brand has regularly improved how users search, whether they are looking for files and apps on their Android phones or even information on the internet. To maintain the legacy, again it is offering a new gesture for enhancing the users’ search experience. 

Google has already introduced a “Unified” search feature for its Pixel Launcher last year, which helps in merging the web search bar of the home screen along with the app drawer’s ability to search for applications, files, and actions. However, there’s a minor tweak to make it able to click Enter to launch the top result from user search, either on the user’s on-screen keyboard or a physical one. 

Now Through Android 14 QPR1, Google is trying hard to maintain its legacy of providing a better search experience, which is starting with a totally new gesture. According to the information, the ‘Gesture Navigation’ page in the Settings application is getting a fresh toggle for “Hold the handle to search.” The word handle indicates the thin line placed at the bottom side of the screen, swiping up for going home. It is used as the starting point or swiping side to side for switch applications. 

However, till now the new screen search capabilities aren’t available, so it is quite difficult to say exactly how it will work. After this, the next noticeable change is the new toggle, which appears like the intention of searching for what’s currently visible on the user’s screen. In plain words, this will help the users as a quick shortcut to sending a photo or screenshot to Google Lens, luckily the feature is available now by holding longer an application’s preview in the Recent application view. 

This early description almost looks like the “Google Now on Tap.” It works similarly to the new change, by just long pressing the Home button as there was no gesture navigation at the time.

Another noticeable change according to information has been spotted in the Pixel Launcher, which is again tweaking the manner in which that search works. Previously the search bar used to appear at the top of the screen, now with the latest beta update it will be placed as a floating button while the users open their app drawer. While the users type out their query, the search bar hovers just above their keyboard. With this user will easily and quickly be able to get access to the search bar even single-handedly. 

Users who already installed the Android 14 QPR1 Beta on their Pixel smartphone, can try this feature for themselves. 


Android 14 QPR 1 Beta

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