WhatsApp’s Latest Update Brings New “Channels Alerts” Feature

WhatsApp has recently rolled out channels without any notification, and now it is stretching its feature area to enhance the user’s experience. WhatsApp is rolling out the latest update for channels, which is offering a feature named ‘channels alerts.’ For detailed information, read out the article till the end. 

Detailed Information Of Latest Update For Channels 

WhatsApp is rolling out the latest update, allotting the version number With this build number, users can quickly identify the update easily. The update is in its beta stage and only available for some lucky beta testers and on the Google Play Beta Program. Interested users can download the update from there. 

What’s New With V2.23.20.9 

The latest update with this version number brings a new feature called channel alerts, which helps in notifying creators about the status of their channels. Through this feature, the owners or creators of the channels can quickly know everything about their channels; for instance, in scenarios where their channel’s visibility gets restricted in particular countries, they will get a notification or alert with the name of the country or region wherever their channels get closed. 

The company behind these features aims to keep channel creators informed about the status of their channels in particular countries. Also, Channel alerts work by notifying the channel creator when their channel gets closed in any country. This means that the users with phone numbers associated with that country will no longer be eligible to gain access or follow the channel. 

However, this feature sounds like an advantage because it helps the creators to know about the status of their channels in different regions. 

Moreover, some of the users already have this feature on their accounts, but most of them still need to get it. As mentioned above, the update is rolling out in the beta stage and is only available for some beta testers. But soon, the brand will make this update available widely through future updates. 


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