iPhone 15 Five Features That Android Users Want

With the iPhone 15 series finally becoming official, Apple has included a number of intuitive features and technologies. With a selection of impressive new technologies, Android makers will definitely want to borrow some features from Apple. However, only a few of them are familiar to Android users. Here are the five interesting iPhone 15 features that Android smartphones should have.

Precision Finding for friends

With the iPhone 15 launch, Apple has introduced users with another smart feature, the Ultra-wideband connectivity, which allows users to find their friends in real-time. On the other hand, Android smartphones don’t have such capability yet, and Google should implement the ability to find friends through the UWB connectivity to the Android devices. This feature would come in handy in order to find our friends in a much-crowded place like a market, mall or even in the concert hall. 

Roadside assistance through satellite 

No doubt, Apple was the first ever brand to offer satellite emergency SOS functionality, and now it has upgraded and introduced a Roadside assistance through satellite feature to its newest iPhone 15 series. However, this feature works similarly to the satellite emergency SOS feature. This feature must be implemented by Google on Android devices as it is very comfortable for users while driving in remote areas.

The 24MP/25MP shots

The most prominent camera feature, which was announced by Apple in its latest iPhone 15 series, is the ability to take 24MP shots through a 48MP rear camera. However, the brand has not used the pixel binning functionality; rather it combines data from a 48MP snapshot and probably a 12MP lower resolution shot. 

Moreover, this feature is somewhat similar to Samsung’s Adaptive Pixel Tech feature, which combines the data from a 108MP shot and a 12MP shot. However, Samsung’s lower-resolution camera is designed for low-light conditions. 

Thread support

Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro models, the iPhone 15 Pro, and the iPhone 15 Pro Max, will be the first to receive the Thread networking support. As the Thread is the chief support of the Matter smart home standards, the newly arrived iPhone 15 Pro models are fully prepared for further Matter devices. Most probably, Google should implement support for Android devices as it could make integrated smart homes and controls easier for further use in the future. Apart from this, to let you know, Google has been currently working on this capability.

Tetraprism camera design  

Apple has induced a tetraprism camera design rather than a periscope camera design. The distinguishing feature between the periscopic camera design and the tetraprism camera design is that the periscopic camera design places the camera sensors on the side of the iPhone, whereas the new tetraprism camera design has the camera sensor, which is pointing backwards. 

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