Google Bard New Update Improves The Quality Of Responses

Bard’s biggest advantage of collaborating with generic AI is that it can tailor its responses exactly to your needs. Last week, the company released a new update to Bard, which integrates with Google apps and services for more useful responses. Now, the company has started rolling out a new update for Bard, which improves the quality of responses.

According to the changelog, Google has added a new way for users to give feedback. When Bard sometimes responds with 2 drafts simultaneously, choose your preferred draft. You can also choose to indicate no preference or opt-out altogether.

The reason behind this update is that real-world feedback helps Bard improve the quality of its responses. Additionally, your feedback on Bard’s drafts contributes to making Bard better for you and others.

Additionally, the update package also includes improvements to platform functionality to enhance the overall performance of the platform. Although there is no new feature or change with this update, after installing this latest update, you will get the best AI experience.


A new way to help Bard improve:

  • What: We’ve added a new way for you to give feedback. When Bard occasionally responds with two drafts side by side, select the draft you prefer. You can also indicate no preference or opt out entirely.
  • Why: Real-world feedback helps Bard improve the quality of its responses. Your feedback on Bard drafts contributes to making Bard better for yourself and others.

Google Bard:

Bard is a conversational AI tool from Google that collaborates with brands to brainstorm ideas, spark creativity, and accelerate productivity.

Apart from Bard, Google has machine learning to improve spelling, Google Translate, TensorFlow to democratize AI, AplhaGo to defeat world champion Go players, enabling faster TPUs, more efficient AI deployment, Google Research to develop Transformers, and BERT. There are a lot of AI features, including giving introductions. Discovery helps researchers better understand questions, Alpha Fold solves protein-folding problems, and PaLM2 advances the future of AI.

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Google Bard

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