Meta Is Introducing A New AI Experience To WhatsApp

With the power of generative technologies, AI is providing new forms of connection and expressions within the technical field. In contrast, Meta has announced to provide all new AI experiences and interesting features to all of its platforms, including WhatsApp, which can help in improving your connections, among others. Plus, it allows users to use the tools in order to be more creative, expressive, and productive. 

Meanwhile, at the annual Connect conference, which was held on 27 September, Meta announced the introducing of various AI products and features that will soon be available on your WhatsApp. 

Taking inspiration from certain possibilities of the Generative AI, which could help people to be more creative, productive, and entertained just by sending a message, Meta has been rolling out this new AI experience to WhatsApp. As billions of people connect with their friends or family through conversations, the company wanted to help people from all over the world so that they can access this new intuitive technology.

To begin with, the company is initially introducing three new AI services that are powered by Meta and represent the first step in what the company is expecting, which could be a long path of experimentation for everyone. Although, a few users can begin testing the following new features within chats with their friends as well as family:

  • AI Stickers:  Through this feature, you will now be able to create custom stickers that perfectly match your thoughts that are correct for your chat.
  • AI Chats:  Through Meta’s AI, you can now ask any query in order to find out more about topics or try and settle a debate in your group chat, including getting the perspective from the dozens of characters created by Meta.
  • Photorealistic Image Generation:  By typing a prompt, AI lets you generate images to represent an idea, place, and even person.

Most importantly, you should know that all your messages with your friends and family are off-limits. Do note that AI can read what is sent to them, but your messages remain end-to-encrypted, which means that no one else, including Meta, can see them.

Additionally, by introducing the new AI features, Meta wants to create several business opportunities in order to improve the quality and speed of services offered by AI of people’s choices. Furthermore, Meta says that the new features will be available to the users in the upcoming months, and users will be informed as soon as the new tools are available to more people in more languages.   

WhatsApp AI Feature

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