Google Gifting More Control To Web Publisher Over Bard & Vertex AI Access

Web content creators undoubtedly play an important role in Google News. Publisher Center is an interface that helps publishers submit and manage their content in Google News, along with configuring monetization solutions through Reader Revenue Manager. Now, Google is enhancing the web publishers’ controlling power and offering Google-Extended-like features. 

AI, an artificial intelligence, is just stretching its area step by step in all the fields. Now, the tech giant is announcing Google-Extend, by which the web publishers are getting new controlling power, so they can easily use it to manage whether their sites help improve Bard and Vertex AI generative APIs. It also includes future generations of models that power all those products. 

With the help of Google Extend to control access to content on a site, a website administrator will now be able to choose whether to help these AI models become more accurate and capable over time. The tech giant, through Google-Extend, offers a controlling mechanism for web publishers, by which they will be able to determine if or how their sites donate to enhancing Google Bard, Vertex AI generative AIPs, and future AI models.

Through robots.txt, the company offers simple and scalable controls, such as Google-Extended, that help provide more transparency and control, and the company also assures that all providers of AI models should be made available. 

What Is Google-Extended 

Google-Extended is a “standalone product token, which offers the ability to the web publishers to manage if or how their sites help improve Bard and Vertex AI generative APIs, whereas the AI models provide them power.  

However, Google-Extended does not have any separate HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) request user agent string, so the crawling implements the being Google user agent strings, deploying the robots.txt user-agent token in a control capacity. 


Google Bard Vertex AI

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