Spotify Offering Enhanced Transcripts & More For Podcast Listeners & Creators 

Reminder! International Podcast Day is on September 30, and Spotify is taking a moment to celebrate the medium and its creators globally. Now, finally, on Spotify, there are 5 million shows, along with podcasts, available in more than 170 markets. To enhance the Podcast facility on Spotify, the brand is offering some of the new tools for the Podcast enthusiast’s. Let’s discuss what they are in the article. 

Spotify recently has 11 million artists and creators on its platform. Spotify has 551 million monthly active listeners (as per the study). Also, Spotify has now become the most-used audio podcast platform in many key markets all around the world. 

The brand also stated; “We count over 100 million regular podcast listeners, a ten-fold increases since 20219, and over half a billion people who have listened to at least one podcast on Spotify since 2019” 

New Podcast Tools To Enhance Listening Experience 

Making Transcripts Richer & Easier To Follow: 

The brand is introducing auto-generated and time-synced transcripts to more creators and shows, by which the users will get the ability to read along with an episode, also creating the transcripts extra visually and textually accessible. Now, the users, while listening to an episode, can scroll down the Now Playing View to find the transcript and then click on the card just to follow along on full screen if they want to listen to the episode. 

Also, the brand is rolling out transcripts of tons of episodes in the coming weeks. Apart from this, it also enhances this featurein the future, for instance, ways to add media to transcripts. 

Expanding Podcast Chapters 

Previously, the brand announced a Podcast Chapter just to offer more ease to the users to jump into episodes on a specific topic or section. Now, with the latest innovation, all smartphone users globally are able to find the full list of Chapters by scrolling down the Now Playing View, through which the users are getting more control over their listening sessions and more information about every episode as they dive in. 

Updating The Podcast Show Pages 

Now, the brand is updating the Podcast Show Place. Hence, the users are able to learn more about a podcast before they listen to the episode in full, even along with the additional content available before they jump in. 

Once this feature rolls out, the users will get the ability to click the “About” tab to find descriptions, images, and episode recommendations from creators. Apart from this, they will also get suggestions for other shows in the “More Like This” tab. 

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