Google May  Bring Apple’s “Link Your Device” Feature To Android Devices 

Google hates to lose races, whether it is of new updates, features or improvements. Due to this, Google may be working on a feature named “Link Your Devices” to offer the ability to the users, by which they can easily and smoothly be able to switch between Android products. 

Apple already has offered the facility of transferring software between Apple devices to the users; for instance, AirDrop permits users to send media between Apple products within seconds without any effort. Now, according to the new information, the brand ‘Google’ may also be working on this mechanism, by which Android users will get the ability to transfer their software material between two Android devices. 

If the new reports are to be believed, they are indicating how the supposed Link Your Devices feature may work once it gets released. The rumours suggest that syncing will only be possible by grouping user’s Google and Nest devices under a single Google account. While two Android products get placed under the same hood, the users will presumably be able to share features between their devices, and noticeably, this also includes video calls. 

The new ‘Link Your Device’ features will also help in receiving a call on their Android smartphone; for instance, users may be able to continue the conversation on their tablet or Nest Hub Max without needing to disconnect. Once the feature gets released, the users will no longer need to redial or face any kind of interruptions while calling. 

If the users often use a particular Android device as an internet hotspot, it appears that Google wants to streamline this process, too. In place of needing to go through the full process of setting up a hotspot, Link Your Devices probably authorized the users to easily share a connection if one of the devices goes offline. However, it is still being determined whether this feature will need the use of Bluetooth. 

Before this, it was rumoured that Google might release this feature along with something as simple and easy as a toggle switch. The scheme would be that you could switch it on or off just to create an instant hotspot, which could be shared between users’ devices. Noticeably, the users would not even need to re-enter login credentials to connect their devices and come to the conclusion they are linked to the same Google account.  

However, for now, it is quite difficult to say anything about this feature, how it will work when it will be released, or what will be included or not included; for example ChromeOS support may be better for Chromebook users. Moreover, it is expected that Google will soon disclose officially about this convenient feature. 


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Aakash Gour

Aakash is the main editor of RM Update and coordinator of the news area. If it is important and urgent, Aakash has written about it. He is an expert in the Android and Google ecosystem. He has been writing about mobile phones and technology in RM Update since 2019, a time in which he has been debugging his analyses and especially product photography.

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