OnePlus Open Fold Unveiled Publicly For The First Time

OnePlus has raised its flags in the tech industry in just a few years. Now, the brand is taking its steps forward in the foldable era by introducing its very first foldable device named; “OnePlus Open”, but here’s the question: when? Well, ‘Anushka Sharma’, the Indian actress, may have the answer to this. Leave her and read the article further; everything will be known. 

The fan community is eagerly waiting for the very first OnePlus foldable phone. For a long time, no new reports have arrived regarding the upcoming ‘Open’ device. But now it seems that the brand is this close to releasing the Open device. It is being speculated because the well-known Indian actress “Anushka Sharma” spotted with the upcoming ‘OnePlus Open’, the phone which is yet to release publicly. 

Previously, in July, the reports indicated that in late July or early August, the Open would take the floor, and August passed away. Now September is also gone, and new reports are disclosing that the brand may release the OnePlus Open in October. However, this rumour seems to be true because this actress was spotted with the foldable in late September

Sometimes, it’s pretty obvious that the brands increase the enthusiasm among fans. The community used to drip feed little bits of information about their products to certain leakers just to build up some marketing gossip before release. This is exactly what OnePlus has done, by providing the Open to Anushka and instructing her to show it off to the paparazzi (photographers who follow famous celebs around in order to get pictures of them) following her. This led to a pretty awkward moment to pose, holding the phone in a manner that showcases not only its external body but even its internal screen. 

Apart from this, according to the reports, one leaker has a collection of multiple videos and photos of that weird moment, which gives a clear look at the foldable phone, through which it can be assumed that the Open features 6.6-inch OLED cover screen along with 7.8-inch OLED internal screen.

I was jumping on the camera array on the back side, edge by a raised circular part of the shell. Except for this, nothing more is in the news regarding its processor, battery and many more. 



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