Samsung Could Launch Game Streaming Service For Galaxy Devices

Samsung is on the way to introduce cloud gaming inside the Samsung Game Launcher, obviously on Galaxy devices. So now, with this expansion, one billion Galaxy users around the world will be able to play famous games in real-time on their smartphones without even having to purchase a console or download any gaming app. 

Noticeably, the brand probably does not compete directly with the likes of Amazon Luna, Microsoft Xbox Cloud, and Nvidia GeForce. Presently, it seems to be taking a different approach to cloud game streaming by focusing on mobile games. 

Samsung Introducing Cloud Game Streaming For Galaxy Phone Games 

For now, the Cloud service is in the beta stage, directly targeting mobile games, far apart from other cloud gaming plays that usually provide PC and console games. Presently, it has seven games from Playrix and Snow Print Studios. 

According to recent information, Samsung will soon release the beta version of its cloud game streaming service much later this week during the Samsung Developer Conference 2023 event. Also, the reports indicate that the service would be available directly within the Game Launcher application, which comes pre-installed on its Galaxy phones as well as tablets. 

The Korean brand is not pushing Game Launcher as a subscription-based service, at least for now. In place, Samsung is probably pushing it as an ad-support service, similar to Samsung TV Plus, its own completely free, ad-support video streaming service. 

On the other hand, Samsung already has the GAming Hub, which comes pre-installed on its smart TVs. Also, the company is targeting the game-install-ad revenue with its new service. More than the past few years, the need for increased privacy and restrictions on user advertisement targeting have led to reduced performance for game ads, and the fact is Samsung’s cloud game streaming platform could be a cure for the situation. 


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Samsung Personal Cloud Game Streaming Service

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