Spotify Premium Offering Prompt Access To Over 150,000 Audiobooks 

The brand ‘Spotify’ is on the way to start a totally new scheme for audiobooks by making more than 150,000 audiobooks. But it is only available for the Spotify Premium subscribers. 

Spotify helps you to stream your favourite songs and discover trending music. Previously, last year, the brand introduced an ability for users so they can purchase and listen to thousands of audiobooks on Spotify. Listeners in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand grab the opportunity to sink into sonic worlds developed by some of their favourite authors and narrators. Now, the brand is offering a new enhancement for the premium subscribers. Let’s get started to know more about the offer. 

Now for starting, the company is providing each Premium individual, as well as plan managers for Family and Duo accounts, 15 hours of listening per month. This is just because the company wants to offer them the ability to enjoy as many titles as they want within that monthly allowance. 

What’s New The Spotify Premium Subscribers Are Getting 

The users who are paying the Spotify Premium Subscription are eligible now for more abilities and enhancements to enjoy a seamless and smooth experience. Now, the users are getting from their Premium subscriptions an on-demand catalogue of 

  • over 100 million tracks
  •  5 million podcasts 
  • 150,000 audiobooks 

For now, this feature is only available for Premium users in the UK and Australia, with the US following later this year. 

The company stated that;

 “We believe that offering personalised music, podcasts, and audiobooks on a single platform gives you a superior way to connect with your favourite artists, podcasters, creators, and authors—all in one spot.” 

Ways To Find Audiobooks On Spotify Premium 

Any of the books which is marked as “Included in Premium” is available within the company’s Premium catalogue, presently which is one of the largest of any subscription-based audiobook streaming stations. 

The company’s catalogue presently closes in upwards over 70% of bestselling books, along with titles from major publishers, which includes Hachette, HarperCollins Publishers, Macmillan, Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, and RB Media, alongside independent authors and publishers globally, such as Bolinda, Dreamscape, and Pushkin. 

The users, for listening to the first book on their list, simply have to type in the title in Search and hit play on the first chapter. The users can also explore audiobook recommendations with ease from the Home feed. Or even head to the audiobooks hub to find an editorially curated selection of trendy and top titles. 

Way To Listen To Audiobooks On Spotify 

The users are able to listen for 15 monthly hours as per their choice. But here are some of the important facts or queries which will surely help you. 

  • In case the users use up all their total 15 hours before their monthly billing cycles refresh, then they are also eligible to purchase a 10-hour to-up to finish that series. 
  • If the users want to know or check how many hours they have left, they can check it at any time in their app’s settings. 
  • The users must have a Premium separate account or be the plan manager for their Family or Duo account in order to take advantage of this convenient feature. 
  • The users are able to take audiobooks anywhere they go because Spotify is available on more than 2,000 drives from over 200 brands. 
  • As the users listen, the automatic bookmarking feature will save their place so they can easily pick up where they left off. 
  • Users must make sure once to take advantage of the “end of chapter” feature within Spotify Sleep Timer so they are able to fall asleep to their favourite stories without having to rewind in the morning. 

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