How Many Updates Will The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE Get?

Samsung’s latest epic flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S23 FE, is finally in the market. Ranging from a slew of impressive features and intuitive technologies, including a Dynamic AMOLED 2X fast 120Hz display, a 4 nm-based chipset, and more. Samsung has made several upgrades to the smartphone in every aspect. Before buying a smartphone, we consider a lot of things, such as its hardware, camera features, design, and, most importantly, its software performance. 

Every smartphone has its own unique identity, and the most prominent feature that is seen by users before buying a new phone is its software updates. Everyone is familiar with the fact that smartphones get new and exciting features, enhancements, and bug fixes in the form of OS updates, which ultimately leads to an extended lifespan of our smartphones. So it’s essential to check how long our smartphone will be receiving the OS and security updates. 

Meanwhile, the Korean tech Samsung always ensures to offer a long period of OS updates within its smartphones, and the latest tech, Galaxy S23 FE, is no different. The brand has committed that the newest Galaxy S23 FE smartphone will be getting 4 major OS updates along with 5 years of security updates during its lifespan.

Featuring the latest Android 13 based One UI 5.1, out of the box, the brand has announced that the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE will get 4 major OS updates, which means the smartphone will be capable of receiving all the latest features and enhancements until Android 17 or what does Google decide till 2027. On the other hand, talking about the security patches, the Galaxy S23 FE will receive 5 years of security updates, which means the device will be getting all its security patch updates till 2028, along with the monthly security updates. 

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE: Specifications

In addition, the latest smartphone, Galaxy S23 FE, features a number of intuitive features and has upgrades in regards to every aspect of the device. These include a Dynamic 2X fastest 120Hz display panel, a powerful and energy efficient Advanced 4nm, which offers a better and smoother performance, loud and clear stereo speakers, a 4500mAh lithium-ion battery power, a stunning triple rear camera for excellent Insta-ready pictures along with an exciting front camera for capturing stunning selfies, and an industry level resistance against dust and water in the form of IP68 ratings.    

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