Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 & Z Flip 5 New Wallpaper: Here’s Download Link 

Hey, owners of Samsung’s new foldable Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5, how your foldable gadgets all are doing? Obviously, it must be going well, as the company has given such great features. But for adding an extra layer of enhancement to the experience, you can try the latest wallpaper for your device, which the brand released in the Chinese market. 

Samsung recently launched its fifth-generation flip and fold phones in China, but with a different identity or names, which are as follows; 

  • Samsung W24 – Galaxy Z Fold 5
  • Samsung W24 Flip – Galaxy Z Flip 5

There is no major difference in design, but yes, they feature new wallpapers. For a new vibe and feel, you can download the latest wallpapers in high quality. 

Download Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Wallpapers 

There are four new wallpapers in total, two of which are designed for the internal screen and the other two for the external screen. These wallpapers appear like feather designs, along with multiple colors that add to their visual appeal. 

Galaxy Z Fold 5 Wallpapers Overview:

Download Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Wallpapers

The company for the Flip variant also offers an absolutely new collection of five wallpapers. These wallpapers will surely enhance your experience with a totally new look. 

Galaxy Z Flip 5 Wallpapers Overview:

Here’s The Download Link: 

The other noticeable difference is that the Samsung W24 comes with 16GB RAM compared to 12GB RAM on the Galaxy Z Fold 5. Whereas the Samsung W24 Flip also weighs a few grams more as compared to the Galaxy Z Flip 5. Also, it arrives with 12GB of RAM, whereas in Galaxy Z Flip 5, there is only 8GB of RAM available. 

Galaxy Z Fold5 and Flip 5 wallpaper

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