YouTube Is Cracking Down On Consumers That Use Adblock

YouTube helps users watch – from music videos to what is popular in gaming, fashion, beauty, news, learning, and whatnot. If it offers the facility to the audience to subscribe to the channels they love, they can also create content of their own, share it with friends, and watch on any device. Now, the recent news is indicating that ad blockers on YouTube will no longer be able to block the ads. 

What’s Actually Going On YouTube For Ads Blockers 

The recent news indicates that the audience, for now, who are using the ad blockers will have to pay to enjoy the ad-free experience. Now, in the scenario where the users enabled ad blockers on their browsers, there is a high chance that YouTube has been showing error messages because the video player will get blocked after 3 videos. 

So now, the users should have to pay to experience the ad-free platform. So far, the users used to block ads with the help of ad-blockers, but now this can not happen because if the users do this, they have to face troubles in watching videos, as the video player will be blocked after 3 videos. 

If a post on X, formerly Twitter, is to be believed, which is shared by @titanhunter143, it is indicating that YouTube is going to stop using AdBlock even before the users stop using YouTube. 

In the post, it is mentioned that. 

“Awfully brave of YouTube to think I’m gonna stop using AdBlock before I stop using YouTube.” 

What Happens When You Use Ad-Blocker on YouTube 

  • Video playback will be blocked unless youTube is allowlist or the ad blocker is disabled. 
  • Ads let YouTube be used by billions worldwide. 
  • The users can go ad-free with YouTube Premium, and creators can still get paid from their subscription. 

Now, the audience of YouTube only has two choices: whether they have to choose “Allow YouTube Ads” or “Try YouTube Premium.” By choosing the first option, the users allow the app to show ads, whereas the second is for a Premium plan. 

As per the company’s new policies, ads-blockers can no longer block ads on YouTube. The reason behind this strategy of the company is simple but smart enough. The users were able to watch ad-free videos with the help of ad-blockers without even paying for a premium subscription, and somewhere, this was affecting the company’s ad revenue. 

YouTube Adblock

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