OnePlus 11 5G Waterproof? IP Rating, Water Resistance Explained

 The master smartphone manufacturer, OnePlus, which is known for its high-end flagship-level smartphones, launched another flagship device, the OnePlus 11 5G, back in the month of June. The OnePlus 11 5G has made it to the most fantastic top-end models due to its stunning features and intuitive functionality. The most impressive feature that attracted users is its IP ratings, but is the smartphone waterproof? Let’s find that out.

Understanding IP64 ratings: OnePlus 11 5G is Water-resistant, not Water-proof?

To those who are unaware, IP stands for Ingress Protection ratings. The IP ratings indicate that the device is resistant to water, dust, or splash. The first digit in the IP ratings symbolizes protection from solid particles such as dust. While 6 is considered the highest level of protection against solid particles, which means that the smartphone is strongly resistant to dust particles. So you don’t have to worry about your smartphone in a dusty environment.

The second digit in the Ingress Protection ratings indicates protection against liquid substances like water. The 8 number in the IP ratings is the highest level of fluid protection. The IP68 rating is considered the highest level of Ingress Protection ratings, which means that the smartphone is fully waterproof and the device is highly suitable for immersion in up to 3 meters of water for at least 30 minutes. 

Meanwhile, the high-end flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 11 5G, comes with an IP64 rating. The 4 digit in the IP rating denotes that the smartphone can only handle a few water splashes. It can’t survive if you immerse it entirely in the water body. The 6 in the IP ratings denotes that the OnePlus 11 5G is strong and dust-resistant but only water-resistant, not waterproof.  

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Here are some tips for keeping your OnePlus 11 5G safe from water damage:

  • Please avoid using the phone in direct rain or areas where it is likely to be splashed with water.
  • Do not submerge the phone in water.
  • Do not use the phone in a steamy environment, such as a sauna or steam room.
  • If the phone gets wet, dry it immediately with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals or cleaners to clean the phone.

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