Entire Exploration Journey Of Xiaomi HyperOS: Fantastic Result Of 13 Years 

  • Xiaomi will launch its HyperOS on 26 October. 
  • The new HyperOS is being integrated with more than 200 product categories and can connect 820 million devices.
  • Xiaomi's upcoming HyperOS has been confirmed to offer better connectivity across all Xiaomi devices.

After lots of rumors, Xiaomi finally revealed the launch date for its latest and forthcoming operating system, named HyperOS, which is on 26th October. It is pretty obvious this is a great thing to happen for the brand, and on this occasion, the company also shares its journey of 13 years of Exploration to form a new software product. Basically, in this article, we are discussing the entire journey of Xiaomi from tip to top (MIUI to HyperOS). 

However, it is not yet clear exactly what new changes the forthcoming HyperOS will bring or what new enhancement the fan community of Xiaomi will receive. But, surely, the latest HyperOS of the brand will bring lots of new features, improvements, and changes for enhancing the device functionality and seamless performance as per the users’ convenience

The entire journey of Xiaomi came to be known by a post on X, formerly Twitter, shared by @leijun, who is the Founder and CEO of Xiaomi, sharing that HyperOS is the sweet fruit of 13 years of hard penance, along with 7 years of research and development. 

Lei Jun, the CEO of the brand, stated that 

After 13 years of Exploration and 7 years of R&D, we’ve built #XiaomiHyperOS- a new operating system that integrates over 200 product categories and can connect 820 million devices. It strengthens our pursuit of excellence and our commitment to expanding our expertise in intelligent technology.” 

From this above statement, it is pretty clear that the new HyperOS is being integrated with more than 200 product categories and can connect 820 million devices. He also shares the revolution or Exploration of Xiaomi HyperOS. 

Xiaomi HyperOS Entire Journey 

Lei Jun shares that MIUI was born in 2010 and then came into existence with lots of features, user-friendly functionality, and many more. Then, in 2014, it got a unified loT device connection protocol and common loT modules released. The brand kept working on it, and then, in 2016, a cross-platform quick application framework was activated. After a year, it introduced Xiami Vela, unifying the loT device system. 

Xiaomi kept on trying, and then in 2019, it arrived at the stage of pre-development of Xiaomi Mina OS, a proprietary microkernel security system initiated. In 2020, integration of cross-platform interconnectivity protocols will come to be known, carry on to unified technology architecture design, development of the operating system for Xiaomi EV, then reach to unified software architecture, system development lines integration completed. 

And now, finally, in 2023, the brand has achieved the goal and is close to introducing its Xiaomi HyperOS.  


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