OnePlus Should Bring Temporary Cloud Backup Feature: Should Follow in the Footsteps of Apple & Samsung

OnePlus Temporary Cloud Backup feature: Apple, Samsung announced that it’s bringing a new Temporary Cloud Backup feature for its Galaxy users within its existing Samsung Cloud. The brand says that it’s a safe and much easier method to save as well as transfer your smartphone’s important data to a new device, particularly designed to provide much more convenience and also gives the assurity in the consequences where user may experience certain kind of fear about their data loss, including their photos, videos, applications, files, documents. 

To those unaware, Apple was the first to bring the Temporary iCloud Backup feature for the iOS users within its most popular iCloud service. Indeed, this feature proves to be incredibly helpful especially when the users are running out of their iCloud storage, further expanding the iCloud storage through the Temporary iCloud Storage feature in order to create a safe backup during the process of transferring all the important data of the older iPhone to a newer one. 

It’s worth noting that Apple initially unveiled its Temporary iCloud Backup feature with iOS 15, offering users as much storage as they want to fill the temporary backup for up to three weeks. In other words, iCloud will offer you additional storage free of charge, resulting in seamless transfer of all your apps, data, and other important settings onto your new device automatically. 

Although, most of the big brands, including OnePlus lacks the capability of temporary cloud backup feature which can provide users the better convenience and they will be assured of no data loss with the additional cloud storage while transferring the data from their old device onto a new one, even if they are low on storage. With Samsung being lined up in the queue of introducing temporary cloud storage after Apple, OnePlus should pack this capability in its devices as well.  

In addition, Samsung has significantly copied the temporary cloud backup feature offered by Apple. Nevertheless with these most popular and successful brands heading to introduce this useful feature, another veteran Chinese smartphone manufacturer, OnePlus, who is popularly known for its premium flagship smartphones must upgrade its software capabilities and should follow Apple and Samsung in providing temporary cloud backup option to its users. 

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